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Dear Friends,I hope this note finds you well. It's been a while since my last newsletter, and I apologize for the delay. Life has been moving fast, and time seems to have slipped through my fingers like sand.As Phil and I became empty nesters, I initially thought this would open up vast expanses of time. The reality has been quite the opposite. Between my family responsibilities and my art teaching job, the days have been short and work has been plentiful.Speaking of my job, I've been incredibly busy with my art students. I'm always on the lookout for new ways to inspire and motivate them, whether it's through national art contest opportunities, exciting new projects, or the implementation of an open art studio concept for my middle school students. It's been a joy to see their creativity flourish in this environment.On a personal note, I had the honor of being featured on Fox 6 News in February. If you missed it, you can watch the interview below. It was a wonderful opportunity to share a special art piece with a wider audience.As the summer season approaches, I'm excited to invite you to join me for some vibrant and festive summer shows! The warmth and sunshine of this season always inspire new creativity, and I can't wait to share my latest artworks with you – more on this will follow.In the meantime, if you're looking for a dose of art and ambiance, you can view some of my art collections at Art Bar. It's a quaint and artsy place—a blend of "a Coffee Shop and a Bar in an Art Gallery." I'm thrilled to announce the opening night on Friday, March 29, starting at 7 pm. I will personally be there at 7 for a little while. It would mean the world to me to see you there!Here are the event details:

  • Venue: Art Bar, 722 E Burleigh St., Milwaukee, WI 53212

  • Date: Friday, March 29

  • Meet the artist: 7:00 pm 

Your support means everything to me, and I deeply appreciate you continuing to follow my artistic journey. Together, let's make this summer a season filled with warmth, creativity, and inspiring art!

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

A Bientôt!



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