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This piece was created for a very special art event titled an era of peace.

My artist statement shedds light on the meaning:

"As I delved into the subject, pondering how to visualize such an abstract and complex concept as envisioning an era of Moshiach, I found inspiration in texts within the Chumash, Ethics of the Fathers, and Kabbalah. Drawing from Exodus 24:9-10, where Moses and the elders had a vision of the Divine, symbolized by a sapphire brick beneath G-d’s feet, I was struck by the profound imagery.


The sapphire, with its brilliance and clarity, evokes a metaphorical spark within each of us, radiating qualities like kindness, generosity, love, and humility through our thoughts, words, and deeds. This imagery resonates deeply with the teachings of Kabbalah, where such attributes are expressed through the sefirot, reflected in the intricate scrolls of my artwork.

In the wisdom of Ethics of the Fathers, we are reminded that although the day may seem short and the tasks plentiful, it is not solely our responsibility to complete the work, yet we are not free to ignore it either.


Thus, I envision a future nearing the era of Moshiach, where we diligently polish and refine our actions, striving to illuminate the path for others with the inner sapphires of our souls. Much remains to be accomplished, but through collective effort and unwavering commitment, we pave the way towards a brighter tomorrow."


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