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From this Angle - Work in progress

The longest part in the creation of an oeuvre d'art is the development of a new theme and composition.

The theme is generally inspired by events, emotions, and surroundings. These same emotions create impressions that the artist wants to translate into a painting on paper or canvas. I have to admit that imagery is a wonderful way to express personal feelings that would otherwise be sometimes difficult to share in a manuscript.

That said, I am a proponent of expression through vibrant colors and cheerful images. I have also often stated that art for me is the expression of an attitude more than of a state of mind. To this end, I am more interested in portraying an attitude towards events and emotions than the state of mind that they create. The viewer is, therefore, at liberty to interpret what and how they see the objects represented; hence, the paramount importance of color and composition as the visual effect.

From this Angle displays an array of bright, bold and opaque colors that are offset by the légèreté of the floating stones. The broken jug is a central object, while the viewer’s eyes are invited to gaze at the arch and proceed to the distant purple mountains and skyline.

Embarking in my own stylistic path where one can see beyond walls, I focused on combining the visual effects of color and composition and inviting the viewer's interpretation.

Please feel free to send me your feedback.

With many thanks, always.

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