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My Recent Show - Strawberry Festival

My first experience with an art festival was quite interesting in so many ways.

While I was met with much success at the recent Strawberry festival in Cedarburg, and a wonderful reception from prospective customers and existing patrons, I had to go through the initial process of building my tent in a deluge of rain. Later in the morning , the rain stopped only to be replaced with extreme humidity. Some vendors never came back that second rainy morning. Thankfully, the rest of the day was pleasant and slightly breezy, and the crowd was cheerful and delightful.

I learned a number of lessons that day. Never give up. Bring a rain poncho. Get help from family members - I had so much of that with my husband and sons and family members. Bring large quantities of water. Wear comfortable shoes. Have a positive attitude and SMILE. Most of all, enjoy the moment!

More to come on the next festival, August 6-7, in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

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