Women - Fantasy Series

Painting allows me to travel through time and space whenever I wish. My “Fantasy” collection takes me back to Paris, a place imbued with elegance, style, Parisian chic, and culture. These elements let my imagination guide my hand to gradually transform a blank canvas into dreamy scenes of stylish women at a café, on a boat in the middle of a watery desert, or in an imaginary garden. In these compositions, I also extend an invitation to reflect on various ideas including sound versus silence and stillness versus movement.

The Dancer

Acrylic on Canvas 36x48x1.5

Rhapsody 1

Acrylic on Canvas 40x16 - SOLD -

Rhapsody 2

Acrylic on Canvas 40x32

Harlequin Song

Acrylic on canvas 36x48x1.5


Acrylic on canvas 30x40x1.5 -SOLD-

Blue Sonetto

Acrylic on canvas 36x48x1.5

Harmony in Red

Acrylic on canvas 60x48x1.5 - PRIVATE COLLECTION -

Desert Song

Acrylic on canvas 36x24x1.5

Sunday Ballade

Acrylic on canvas 36x24x1.5

Rhapsody O

Acrylic on canvas Original Three Panel Painting

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Sunday Ballade

Acrylic on canvas 36x24x1.5

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